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mBBr [Monobromobimane] *CAS 71418-44-5*

Cat # 633 Storage F/D/L (see storage codes below)
Unit Size 25 mg Price $75
Ex (nm) 395 Em (nm) 490
MW 271.11 Solvent DMSO
mBBr is one of the most popular thiol-reactive fluorescent tags, and is widely used to detect various thiol-containing biomolecules such as glutathione in cells. It is fluorogenic upon reacting with thiol-containing molecules. mBBr is used for the determination of the redox status of low molecular weight and protein thiols in biological systems. MBBr-based in situ derivatization results in maximal recovery of both free, reduced low molecular weight and bromobimane accessible protein thiols. The quantitation of the corresponding adducts of protein thiols is achieved by fluorescence spectroscopy following protein precipitation.

Storage Codes:  D = Desiccated  |  L = Avoid light  |  F = Freeze (<-15 C)  |  R = Refrigerated (2-4 C)  |  RT = Room temperature (10-25C)
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